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 Hypnosis bill for one session in your city



Session of hypnosis


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  • Changement in your life
  • Fast effect
  • Stop addiction


  • Live better
  • Be free
  • Control your life and your self

Hypnosis bill for one session in your city

If you are here in this page it mean you talked with Mr Belk about your therapy.

Mr Belk is : Hypnotherapist, Master practitioner in NLP,cardiac coherence, EFT, EMDR, cold yoga teacher, coaching and enneagram specialist.

He has many years of expérience.

Time of one session is between 45 minutes and 75 minutes.

Hypnotherapist that help for various problems in your life by hypnosis (depression,..)

Overcoming a phobia, fear or anxiety, freeing yourself from an addiction (tobacco, alcohol, sugar, gambling, sex…), soothing a difficult passage (grief, separation, conflict, illness), depression, lightening an emotional and/or physical weight, virtual gastric ring, gain in confidence, have a better self-esteem, heal the big wounds of the past, no longer reproduce the same patterns, change deeply, calm emotions (sadness, anger, jealousy, frustrations…), manage stress situations, etc.

Thanks to visit our website : https://www.well-therapy.com

Thanks to watch our video for more explanation : https://www.well-therapy.com/video-and-picture

Thanks to watch testimonial of our patients : https://www.well-therapy.com/video-and-picture


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